Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here's a handful of random thoughts for you....(yes, it's been that kind of day):

*My sister had yet another alternative explanation for my last blog about how much stuff can accumulate in a room without anyone putting it there. It's the Stuff Fairy. She shows up and randomly adds Stuff to what ever pile or room you least want it in. She is particularly good at adding junk mail to piles, adding random odd socks to the laundry and hangers in the most inconvenient places.

*Why are chairs so expensive in Hawaii?? Yes, everything is fairly expensive compared to the mainland. But even something like a rattan chair, which is made in that part of the world, is more expensive there than the mainland even though it has to be shipped farther to get to the mainland. Apparently you can order a chair on and have it shipped to Hawaii for about the same price you spend to just buy it there - and the shipping is free.

*What point does a rabbit's tail serve? I know, theoretically it's helps with balance. But look at the size of the tail versus the size of the rest of the rabbit. How much help with balance can it really serve? Maybe it's like a whitetail deer where it serves as a danger flag for other rabbits. Cottontail rabbits may be able to use this as an excuse, but domestic rabbits sure can't.

*How much money gets spent on gift labels, return address labels, stickers, and even nickels stuck to any/all of the aforementioned items all in the hopes that you will give what ever charitable organization a donation. Now, please, don't misunderstand me, these are all very worthwhile organizations. It just amazes me, though, how much money at least appears to be sent all in the hopes of getting you, the recipient, to donate some money. THEN, when you do donate money to one of these organizations, you get like ten times the number of return address labels, stickers, gift labels etc sent to you. If a person gave money to every place that sent them stuff like this, I think you'd go broke! Wouldn't many of these organizations have more money to put toward their cause if they just sent a letter rather than trying to give all of these "gifts" in the hopes that you will send money?

*What incentive to people have in living in places like Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin - basically the entire Midwestern US in the winter time? It was 41 degrees below below Fahrenheit in International Falls, MN not too long ago. Temps in the 20's below zero Fahrenheit were pretty common throughout most of the Dakotas and mid-Minnesota area around the same time it was so cold in International Falls. Yet, come summer it'll be easily mid to upper 90 degrees Fahrenheit above zero. No wonder most people from the Midwestern states tend to be a little odd about weather.

*I was watching a show on the History Channel about King Henry VIII the other night. The whole show was about how his health, or lack there of at times, affected his ability to rule. Toward the end of the show, one of the hosts went to a supermarket in England to illustrate how much King Henry was eating not long before his death (the guy was like, literally, 400 pounds or so at his death). What this one man ate in a week filled 2 shopping carts and then some. That amount of food would cost someone living in England amost 500 pounds (as in money this time). The host said the average British family could eat for a week on about 200 pounds (again, as in money). Why on earth would someone need that much to eat? I know Henry was the king and all, but holy cow! That's getting excessive. The sad part is that no one would say anything and, if someone would have, the hosts speculated that it may have helped prolong King Henry's life at least a little.

Again, I want to emphasize that I am in no way, shape or form making any kind of disparaging remarks against anyone or anything in this blog. It is simply a random collection of thoughts and questions that have crossed my mind in the last day or so. Maybe there are some really good explanations for these thoughts and questions. Maybe not. Who knows. I sure don't. Oh well, enjoy it anyways!

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