Sunday, January 19, 2014

Random Sunday – New Community, Toys, and Fish

I have gotten brave.  I joined a new online community.  And I did it under my own name, rather than the Wisper pseudonym I have (and still) use.  I just got approved for Studio 30+.  But, as luck would have it, I don’t even have much time to head over there and play on the site for a while.  Darn school and work getting in the way!

I have come to another conclusion regarding children and toys.  You will NEVER have all of the toys picked up.  Evidence – as I sit and type this post at my kitchen table I have a singing ladybug and a John Deere tractor under my feet.  I've already picked each of these two specific toys up two or three times, at least, today.  Yet they have now taken up residence under the kitchen table.  I give up.

We took our son to Sealife Aquarium at the Mall of America today.  While not a huge aquarium, at least not compared to Sealife Park Hawaii or SeaWorld, it is a great aquarium.  My son loved it.  It makes me wonder what it is about fish that is so attractive to him.  He’s loved fish since he was a couple months old.  My dad helped teach my son to scoot on his belly by holding the iPad in front of him with the aquarium app running.  I may never know.


  1. You are brave-sometimes ,getting into a new blog group gets us so busy. even getting deeply into our own and our favorite prompts can be overwhelming. Good luck, I look forward to reading your new blog. beebeesworld

    1. I know what you mean. I'm going to try to keep things balanced, but I also wanted to branch out a little and see what others are writing and see what happens with other prompts to inspire mine as well. Thanks for stopping by!