Sunday, July 20, 2014

Random Sunday – Weeds, School, and Heat

I bucked up and fought the battle against the weeds today.  See, this summer’s been so nuts between me not having time and the weather not cooperating that my poor gardens have not been weeded at all yet.  I know.  I’m rather embarrassed to admit that.  But I took on the challenge today and got the vast majority of it done.  The funniest part about the whole episode to me was my son.  He was outside playing while I was weeding and my husband was doing other chores.  I tried to get him to help me.  He wouldn’t pull a weed.  No way.  So I tried to hand him one I’d pulled to put in the bucket instead.  He took a grand total of one weed and put it in the bucket.  Then he wanted me to do it.  Yet he managed to get so grubby dirty it was pretty funny.  I’m glad he’s very washable because, boy oh boy was he a dirty little almost 2 year old today.

I started my new class last week for school.  Already the instructor has posted a 7 page guide about how to write discussion posts.  Yes.  The writing for a few of the posts was that bad.  Come on – one person attempted to write something and (I’m hoping) the spell-check auto-corrected it to syphilis.  From what I could gather of the sentence in which this took place, the word attempting to be used should have been a verb.  Last time I checked syphilis is not a verb.  How you get it is, but syphilis is not.  Multiple other areas made no sense at all.  And there’s more than one post like this.  This is grad school, people!  Step up your game a little!

I think we’ve gotten the first heat advisory issued for tomorrow.  It figures.  I was going to take my son out to the playground since I only have to work 2 hours tomorrow morning.  Now we have to come up with a fun inside activity instead.  It should be interesting as Daddy has to start his overnight shifts tomorrow night and will be sleeping in the afternoon.


  1. Sounds lke a busy, hectic life-remember that these days may be the ones you look back at as your best times. beebeesworld

    1. I always try to remind myself life is about the ride - not the destination. While it is a crazy busy life at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.