Sunday, April 17, 2016

Random Sunday - Sore Muscles, Bikes, and Taxes

I got a Random Sunday up on time!!!

Ugh.  Am I sore.  Spent most of the weekend raking leaves up off my flowers and such.  17 paper lawn and leaf bags plus a large garbage can (think about 4 feet tall) later, my leaves are all gone.  Did most of it by myself as well.  My mom came and helped me with the last 7 bags this morning.  Then my mom, my aunt, my son, and I went on a 3.75 mile walk.  Yep.  I’m crazy.  But it was fun.  I’ll pay for it in the morning with sore muscles.  I can feel it already.  I hope the chamomile tea works.

Okay, so this next thought is at least tangentially related to my last one.  At the moment, I hate bike racks.  You know the kind that strap to the back of your car to help carry bikes to selected biking location?  Yep.  Those.  Haven’t used ours in a couple years.  So I can’t remember how it goes on my car, never mind the fact that I have a completely different car from the last time I used it.  I’m really hoping my hubby can figure it out.  I want to go get my bike from storage and start taking my son for rides in his trailer.  Which will result in many more sore muscles.  Again, though, worth it.

I particularly hated tax season this year.  I generally dislike it because I hate doing our taxes.  It’s just such a pain in the behind to sort out all of the various things needed by the respective governments in order to file the taxes.  This year was particularly nightmarish because Minnesota chose not to renew some of the tax break things that the Federal government did.  This led to me having to recalculate some things by hand.  The instructions were so much less than stellar it was crazy.  I ended up giving up and hoping I did it right because what I did was about the best option I could come up with as a result of the poor instructions.  Here’s to hoping I don’t get audited. 

There's still time.  Take the Don't Panic Picture Prompt dare!

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